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I am so excited to share that Mystic Threads has been mastered and is complete. The album is actually for sale, but I'm not announcing that to the public or the world at large just yet, but its up and for sale...Shhhhhh.....

It's wonderful for exercising, doing yoga, meditating, studying, cleaning the house, driving, and creating an uplifting environment wherever you find yourself.

I have waited so long for this project to be complete and I am working on building up a solid base of momentum for this healing music projects, independent success. There will be a CD release tour, in yoga studios and house concerts, online and music videos released monthly as well!

First thing first I want to know if you like a few designs I have for the Albums Art, It needs to reflect the music and the tittle and to be honest I could use some help with this. If you know of any artists that may be a good fit, I am open.

Next thing is to please sign up to my email list!!! Please... 

I'm working on being on social media a lot less, even though I am releasing an album, it just takes time away from being creative, and being with my family. The solution will be to do a newsletter once or twice a month and call it good.

I'm so stoked to know you and share with you this healing/inspiring album full of mantras and songs that really near and dear to my heart. Thank you for joining me on this new beginning of this artistic journey!!



10 Day Dog Fundraiser Challenge-By Purchasing-"Get Your Dog Shit Off My Lawn 

Good day friends and family, this is the first of my weekly music blog and it couldn't be more fitting than to start this off on the good foot or paw. 

I created a fun, fun song under the name of "Shiva Chief" who will be leading the boutique hip hop music side of things. 

Get Your Dog Shit Off My Lawn is such song and it has great potential to do maximum good in the world. Right now in the U.S. our dogs and pets need our help in flood ravaged Houson TX. I'm challenging you to help me raise $4,000.00 in 15 days for Houston"s SPCA Animal Shelter. Beginning today Sept. 13th and ending September 28. 

Who can't relate to somebody's dog shitting on your lawn? I mean it happens like everyday, hundreds right now as you read this!!! 

Let's get this rolling in a good way, please share this track, how many of you would buy it? I know I would. Listen to it, laugh with it, please buy it and share it far and wide with as many people as possible. There will be a music video made for this song in the very near future. This is my mission with my music, to do maximum good and have maximum fun doing it. 

Share your thoughts and feedback please and enjoy the rest of the music I have on here waiting to see the light of your day. 

Love and lots of thanks,